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About us

We at Vandi believe that design is an integral part of any marketing strategy. Nowadays we are constantly surrounded by media, whether it be film, tv, magazines, billboards or 3d animations.

It can be very hard to be noticed among this overload of information.
We are here to help you get the most out of the all modern media. We love to make you stand out and look good. We will make people remember you, your company and your message. We design with an eye on sales and brand awareness. This not only guarantees a more coherent, functional product strategy but also a higher quality final product.

We are highly experienced and imaginative professionals that are in this business for the fun. We love creative thinking, technical challenges and working with our clients. We combine Italian design with Dutch efficiency. We are problem solvers and perform best under pressure. We create great multimedia products, efficient advertorial campaigns and inspiring marketing strategies. We're here to help you getting things done.

Vandi Design was started by Salvatore Benintende and Paul den Arend. Salvatore is an Italian graphic designer, software developer and singer-songwriter who was born and raised in Germany. He has acquired highly valuable experience in design and marketing working for various international companies like Koch Media Gmbh (Deepsilver) and through working on several international projects like film sets for Opel.

After dabbling with international diplomacy, traveling the world as a tour guide and in the meantime finishing his masters degree in International Relations, Paul started working with Salvatore on various projects. He is a marketing expert, travel blogger, copywriter, SEO wizard and project manager.